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If you need a fat caliper, we highly recommend the Accu-Measure Fitness 3000.
Naval Research Tape Measurement
Durnim/Womersley 4-Site Fat Caliper
Parillo 9-Site Fat Caliper
Jackson/Pollock 3-Site Fat Caliper
Jackson/Pollock 4-Site Fat Caliper
Jackson/Pollock 7-Site Fat Caliper
Yuhasz 6-Site Fat Caliper
Slaughter-Lohman 2-Site Fat Caliper

Further Analysis of Your Results

After calculating your body fat percentage you will be shown the calculation results and a table showing which body fat level you fit into. If you're at the Athletes or Fitness level then you're at a great weight already and probably don't need to lose any more fat unless you really want to.

Those in the Average category are still healthy, but could always benefit from losing a little bit of body fat. It is not essential, but remember: the less fat you have the healthier you will become.

If you fall into the Obese category you might need to start trying to lose body fat. Take a look at our health and weight loss articles for some advice on how to do this.

Remember, no calculation method is perfect. We recommend that you try calculating your body fat percentage using several of the methods we have provided, and then take an average of the results to get a more accurate figure. Measurements using fat calipers are the most accurate, so if you don't already have one feel free to check out our fat caliper reviews. If you want one of the best fat calipers for a great price we recommend the Accu-Measure Fitness 3000.
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