Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Step 1: Enter general details

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Step 2: Choose a calculation method and enter measurements

If you need a fat caliper, we highly recommend the Accu-Measure Fitness 3000.
Naval Research Tape Measurement
Durnim/Womersley 4-Site Fat Caliper
Parillo 9-Site Fat Caliper
Jackson/Pollock 3-Site Fat Caliper
Jackson/Pollock 4-Site Fat Caliper
Jackson/Pollock 7-Site Fat Caliper
Yuhasz 6-Site Fat Caliper
Slaughter-Lohman 2-Site Fat Caliper

Further Analysis of Your Results

After calculating your body fat percentage you will be given a link to your very own personalized health and fitness report, which we highly recommend you check out. This will give a more detailed analysis of your current body fat levels based on the information you've entered, and will also give a list of recommendations for achieving a more healthy lifestyle and obtaining the body fat percentage that you want.
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