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Lifeline Pullup Revolution

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The Lifeline Pullup Revolution is a pull-up bar created by Lifeline. This review will attempt to create a product comparison with other Bars that are similar. We'll also show up to date data for this product that should make it a little easier to figure out if it's worth purchasing for you.


Lifeline have established their reputation as a leader in the market. Many buyers would totally recommend them when looking for a new pull-up bar.


It's good purchasing a product that's more famous than most, since this implies it's almost certainly of higher quality. Obtaining a less well-known item will often make it difficult to acquire other owner's experiences. If the item you're purchasing has a substantial level of sales then it is also quite likely going to be worth purchasing.

The Lifeline Pullup Revolution is well liked amongst users, and this is why it's quite popular. Other users have said that this is one of the highest quality pull-up bars they have used.

Product Comparison

Interested in figuring out how this compares to other pull-up bars? Have a look at the table below!

NameLifeline Pullup RevolutionXMark Power Tower Pull-up BarPendlay Elite Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bracket
Overall Score100 out of 100
94 out of 100
94 out of 100
Popularity Score98 out of 100
99 out of 100
81 out of 100
Price Score90 out of 100
88 out of 100
98 out of 100
Best PriceShow cheapest priceShow cheapest priceShow cheapest price
Part NumberCTS101-561595XM-4434PEWMB
Sales Rank4060815573202761
BrandLifelineXMark FitnessPendlay
Product Image
Release Date2010-05-04
Data Last Updated2015-02-152014-08-252014-08-25
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No matter what you may shop for, you will definitely always want to receive the ideal value for your cash. A great pull-up bar really should be priced appropriately, and never too high priced. This one fulfills that criteria. You're sure to have a tough time discovering another that is as good value as this one. Just remember, to find the perfect products and solutions you simply can't go for the cheapest.


It's wonderful purchasing a product that's more famous than most, since this indicates it's probably of better quality. You could have some challenges uncovering alternative owner's experiences if you purchase a less well known item. A greater quantity of sales will usually imply that the item will be worth shopping for.

The Lifeline Pullup Revolution is well liked amongst other people, and that is why it's very popular. It's one of the highest quality bars you can use, according to other buyers.
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