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XMark Fitness have sold quite a few smith machines over the years. The XMark Commercial Multi Press Squat Rack is definitely one of their more popular ones. Before you buy a piece of merchandise, it's always a great thought to read more. Here is some of the info that we've found that may be helpful to you.

XMark Fitness

This smith machine proves that XMark Fitness are a leader in the market. Many customers would definitely recommend them when looking for a new smith machine.

Product Comparison

Below you can find a comparison of similar smith machines. This can be helpful in knowing how the XMark Commercial Multi Press Squat Rack relates to other products:

NameXMark Commercial Multi Press Squat RackBody Solid Series 7 Linear Bearing Smith MachineBody Solid Series 7 Smith Machine Package
Overall Score98 out of 100
92 out of 100
92 out of 100
Popularity Score96 out of 100
100 out of 100
87 out of 100
Price Score100 out of 100
98 out of 100
96 out of 100
Best PriceShow cheapest priceShow cheapest priceShow cheapest price
Sales Rank899071
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Part NumberXM-7619GS348QGS348QP4
BrandXMark FitnessIroncompany.comBody Solid
Data Last Updated2014-08-25
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You're often going to want to acquire the right worth from your money whenever investing in anything. A great smith machine should be priced appropriately, and not too expensive. The XMark Commercial Multi Press Squat Rack is a superb instance of this. The amount of worth you receive for your cash is astounding.


It's wonderful choosing a product that's more well-known than most, because this implies it's very likely of better quality. Buying a less well-liked product will often make it nearly impossible to find some other user's views. A larger volume of sales will usually signify that the item will be worth selecting.

The XMark Commercial Multi Press Squat Rack is quite popular, and highly regarded amongst users. It's among the finest machines you can use, according to other users.

There are 21 full reviews for this smith machine. You might want to take a look at these for a more detailed overview of the product.


There happen to be other sites where you’re able to search for more descriptive info about this item. The reviews by users at are without a doubt worth taking a look at. Although we've granted this item a reasonably high ranking, it is often advisable to see what other buyers think about it. gives the greatest discounts, so it is usually an excellent idea to shop from there if you require anything.
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